Nature Expert fell in love with this DVD.

It is an excellent tool to learn about Quebec's reptiles and amphibians.  The cinematography is breath taking and the music is beautiful and inspiring. 

This DVD is in French with English subtitles. 

Quebec’s reptiles and amphibians are in a deep sleep for several months of the year. Of all the animal species, they are among the most discreet and little known.


Their story begins at the end of winter, as the snow melts. See them through all stages of their lives as we explore them over four seasons. Discover their struggles and their reality which changes drastically under our influence.


The DVD includes:

 - 3 deleted scenes: the dance of tree frogs, the painted turtle, the snake and the farmer


- 10 capsules produced for the Quebec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks


- 5.1 Surround sound


- English subtitles

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DVD - Un Monde Inaperçu

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