The Unique Cardinal Feeder is one of a kind, designed to allow the cardinal to feed from it while blocking access to larger and smaller birds. Its perch is calibrated on a lever and spring system set to the exact weight of the cardinal.

Why use a Unique Cardinal Feeder?

The Northern Cardinal is a bird that is somewhat timid and needs certain conditions to regularly visit a bird feeder. Although the cardinal can visit general feeders, larger more aggressive birds (like grackles and Blue Jays) will chase them away from those feeders. By having a feeder which allows only the Northern Cardinal to feed from it, you are creating a more peaceful environment, free from competition and with food available at all times.

With only the Northern Cardinal eating at the Unique Cardinal Feeder, your seed costs will be greatly diminished. The area below your feeder will also be much cleaner compared to the mess usually found below a general bird feeder. On top of that, you can use safflower seeds - a seed that the cardinal will enjoy but that doesn't attract squirrels!

Made in Canada and assembled in our store, the Unique Cardinal Feeder is easy to fill and can be hung from a hook or mounted on a pole. It is made of polycarbonate, a very resistant plastic that will allow for years of all-season use and pleasure observing our little red (and orange) cardinal friends!

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Unique Cardinal Feeder

  • $39.99

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