• Droll Yankees Whipper

Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage.

1 year Limited Warranty on collapsible perch mechanism.

The seed tube is generous in height, making it impossible for squirrels to hang down from the top to reach seed.

Each perch is weight sensitive. The curved perches collapse under the weight of a squirrel or a bird heavier than the cardinal (approximately 50 g or 2 oz), allowing only small songbirds to feed.

Made of resistant UV stabilized polycarbonate.

Large 5 lb. capacity.  9.5 x 9.5 x 28.5"

Components made in the U.S.A. and in China.


  • Hang the feeder far enough away from any deck rail, pole, tree, etc. so that the squirrel must place all of its body weight on the perch or perch ring. The recommended minimum is 14”, but a greater distance may be preferable. Since activation is based on weight, a squirrel that is able to lean across to the feeder, placing only part of its weight on the perch, may avoid activating the feeder or collapsing the perch.
  • Red squirrels and chipmunks may not be heavy enough to activate models YF, YCPT-360 or YCPW-180, but placing the feeder so that they have to jump to it will significantly increase your chances of deterring them. 
  • Place your feeder within 30 feet of a bush or tree if possible. Due to the threat of hawks and other predators, birds are most comfortable when they are close to cover. 

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Droll Yankees Whipper

  • Manufacturer: Droll Yankees
  • Weight: 1,270.00g
  • MSRP: $189.99
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $174.99

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