Being a Bird in North America (BABINA) brings birds to life on the page with a blend of humor and science that showcases the most interesting aspects of each species. With over 200 original cartoons, this book makes every species memorable, and sets itself apart from field guides.Whether the reader is new to the world of birds or a veteran birder, BABINA offers new insight into the lives of birds. It reveals the tricks used by birds to survive, the real problems they face, and addresses their conservation issues.

Being a Bird in North America features:

  • Well-researched, properly cited  species accounts.
  • Focus on each species’ tricks for survival, and the real problems they face in nature or because of humans.
  • Over 200 original cartoons from 15 artists
  • Global distribution maps and conservation status.
  • NatureServe Conservation Ranks for Canada, Mexico, and the USA.
  • French and Spanish names for every species
  • Taxonomy, nomenclature, and species ordering as per the American Ornithologists’ Union (Chesser 2014).
  • Photography from biologists conducting fieldwork
  • Appendix that completes the list and status of North American birds.

Hardcover: 255 pages

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Being a Bird in North America

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