• Cage for bird feeder

Squirrel-proof cage made of metal covered with a protective coating. Effective against gray squirrels but not against the much smaller red squirrels.

This cage also renders a bird feeder inaccessible to large birds, while smaller birds will easily fit through the openings in the cage. 

It is suitable for silo type feeders about 39 cm (15 inches) tall. The cage comes apart in the middle with two hooks. The handle is inserted in the feeder hook for hanging. If necessary, you can also use a tray in the bottom of the cage to catch fallen seeds.

Size of cage openings : 4cm x 4cm  or 1 5/8'' x 1 5/8''

Diameter:  30 cm (12'')


Height: 43 cm (17'')


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Cage for bird feeder

  • Weight: 995.00g
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  • $59.99

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